QTOA Chairman’s Report: May 2022

QTOA calling for a Queensland Racing Prizemoney Review

The QTOA Board recently agreed to write to Racing Queensland to ask them to instigate a full review of the allocation of the Queensland Racing Prizemoney, right across the state.

We believe the review will be a vital process to engage with all owners who racehorses in Queensland, on the best ways to incentivise owners, and for owners to provide feedback to the key stakeholders in Queensland.

As part of the review, QTOA will engage with owners and members through face-to-face forums, online surveys and at Race Meetings across the state, on the best ways to support and grow ownership over the next 10-20 years.

Some of the QTOA Members feedback over the past 6 months includes:

– Metro Prizemoney Vs Regional Prizemoney – With more Owners in Regional QLD, have we got the mix right?
– What happens to prizemoney when Race Meetings are abandoned, or a race dropped due to insufficient starters?
– Do we need to pay down to 8-10th when sometimes there is less than that in the field?
– Can prizemoney be allocated/budgeted across the state in hub/areas allowing owners, trainers, clubs to get their fair share?
– Are we spreading prizemoney too far across too many race meetings?
– How do we look to continue to retain owners in Queensland when prizemoney is down on other states?
– Can Owner Groups be set up in each hub/area to provide a more constant/live communication channel?

While some of the above may already in place, QTOA believe that a fully integrated (Clubs, Trainers, Owners) review would allow all parties the ability to steer racing in Queensland forward.

In doing so, we would need as many owners as possible to sign up to QTOA, at www.qtoa.com.au, to allow for a more streamlined communication through this process.

We will also use this Newsletter to update owners on when owner forums, QTOA Race Days and online surveys will take place and it is expected that we would like to start after July 1, 2022, through the back end of 2022.

In summary, QTOA are calling for:
– A review of the current policies and procedures used by Racing Queensland to allocate prize money.
– A Quarterly review of prize money allocated/budgeted against prize money paid out.
– A Monthly report showing prize money by region in $ terms.
– QTOA will also use this time to look at governance and voting structures for the entity, to get a fair representation across the state.

To register your interest, please email review@qtoa.com.au with you name, mobile and email and keep an eye out for further announcements.

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