QOTT Event Sponsorship Program

As part of QOTT’s commitment to stimulating demand for retired Thoroughbred and Standardbred racehorses, an Event Sponsorship Program has been established.

The QOTT Event Sponsorship Program is an initiative to create more competition opportunities, drive demand and support the visibility of retired racehorses in their post-racing careers.

The Event Sponsorship Program is designed to provide financial support to associations and organisations who host events, series or clinics in Queensland and provided targeted opportunities for all levels of OTT horse and rider combinations. These opportunities are across all disciplines, but the events, series or clinics are either restricted to thoroughbreds or standardbreds only, or recognize the best performed OTT in an open field. This allows owners and riders of retired racehorses endless opportunities to compete and win great prizes in a vast range of competitions across the state.

The Event Sponsorship Program offers a range of tiered sponsorships from gold to bronze, as well as offering sponsorship for Aftercare Clinics, which has been developed by QOTT to encourage equestrian and domestic horse sport clubs to facilitate interactive (non-riding) education clinics to promote best practice equine welfare or horsemanship to support members who own or care for retired thoroughbred or standardbred horses.

The Event Sponsorship Program aims to:

  • Support the visibility of retired racehorses in their post racing careers;
  • Stimulate demand for retire racehorses;
  • Promote retired racehorses in their second careers as pleasure or performance horses;
  • Support the longevity of retired racehorses in their new homes;
  • Create awareness of retired racehorses and their lives post racing and
  • Promote the aftercare initiatives offered by the QOTT Program.

Keep an eye out for any QOTT sponsored events in your local area and come along to see first-hand what our retired racehorses are up to in their lives post-racing!

If you are involved in or know of an equestrian or domestic sport horse organisation or association who may be interested in applying for QOTT Event Sponsorship please Click here

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